Mr. Tehrani was born in Tehran, Iran in 1953. He attended the University of Science and Technology of Iran where he received his bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 1978. After spending a year in several European countries and Mexico observing the different styles of architecture, Mr. Tehrani moved to the States to begin what has been a 30 year successful career in architecture and construction.

Specifically, Mr. Tehrani has expertise in the areas of construction management and design. Before starting his own company, Mr. Tehrani was employed by Vandad architects in Tehran, Siroos Arjomand Industries in Tehran, Altamirano Contractors in Mexico City, Pedro C. Costa Architect-Planner in Alabama, Johnson Associates in Mississippi and Horizon Design Consultants in Atlanta.

In 1987,  Mr. Tehrani started his own architecture and construction firm- The K.I.A. GROUP, INC. located in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition to his architecture and construction experience, Mr. Tehrani also has experience in graphic design, furniture design, photography, rendering and model production.